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Flagpole purchase

Flagpoles with the most extravagant designs can run into the hundreds of thousands, including some more massive poles. An eighty-foot aluminum commercial mast might cost $10,000, but that is not the lowest price. Shorter residential poles can be more financially viable.

Flagpoles are sold as kits and include all necessary hardware. A $150-per-foot aluminum residentialpole with an outside halyard system, which costs $500, would most likely include a banner; a ball or “finial”, for the tip of the flagpole; pulley systems or “truck assemblies”; cleats; rope or “halyard,” with snap hooks that keep the flag from snagging against the pole; flash collars to give the base a finished appearance; and clear assembly instructions.

Internal halyards are more expensive because they require extra assembly time.

Fiberglass flagpoles are slightly more expensive that aluminum because they wear less than aluminum. Bronze is in greater demand and is therefore more expensive. Steel, which is practically invincible makes it the most expensive.

There are many flagpole vendors to choose. You can look for one in your local yellow book or online.