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Television News vs Internet News

Television is another medium for news and current affairs in any country and every locality. More often, news can be delivered live and in real time. But, the internet can offer news readers and viewers many other benefits. Websites offer news viewers the opportunity to see news exactly as it is on TV.

Do you think there are any benefits to one or the other? What is the difference between TV and the Internet?
Which do you prefer, TV News or Internet News?

Let’s take a look at both the positive and negative aspects of each news media…


TV Credibility — all news that is brought to the television are being reported on by real journalists who work for the network. These are all real accounts from the people or situations covered by the reports. Therefore, both the subjects and reporters are trusted when reporting. So, you can trust that a TV report is true when you see it.

Internet Credibility Bloggers are another type of journalist. They bring news from different sources in a way that reflects the views of people who have seen the situations first hand or their own opinions. There are a few paid journalists out there, but only a tiny percentage of Internet journalism is written by them. You won’t be surprised to find news that doesn’t meet the standards for real journalism.


TV News The majority of news broadcasts are new or recent. Television networks are very interested in keeping up with current happenings in the country or community. They even have contacts at police stations so they can find records about the people being covered by their news. This is an indication that TV news has been delivered only moments after they occurred.