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What Can an Electronic Water Descaler Do ?

The installation of an electronic water scaler in your home has many benefits. This article explains why this is an important addition to any home safety plan.

What does an electronic water descaler do – discover more?

An electronic water descaler deals with limescale deposits due to hard water. The device is used by approximately 60% of UK households. Other methods like magnetic descalers and/or ion change softeners may be more costly and ineffective.

The Advantages

Effectively reduces “scum”, in both sinks & baths.

Softens water using chemical.

Low cost solution.

This is responsible for maintaining pipe work within the house.

Easy to fit. No moving parts.

Low maintenance.

Indicates internal and external system failures.

Has no adverse impact on the water’s chemical makeup.

Softer water has many benefits, such as: You are gentler on your skin

Avoid using damaging cleaning products.

The use of less fuel and limescale will reduce heating costs.

What are the benefits I can expect to start to feel?

It will soften the water immediately after it is installed and prevent limescale from building up again. Although it takes longer to get rid off deposits that have built up over the years, they will disappear once the water becomes softer. Limescale removal can take up to a few months, but considering that some of these deposits took decades to build up it is quite quick.