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Poor Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, No Problem – Buy Here Pay Here

These are all signs that you will see in used car dealer finance manager salary. They also appear on your TV screen. But do you really know what this means?

The Tote the note dealership is very similar to furniture rental companies in that you only pay the price of the car you bought. There is no loan company involved. There is one thing that makes a difference between a furniture rental agency and a Tote The Note car dealership: Your Credit Report.

You will spend more time with the car salesman or his manager when you’re looking for a used car. This is how it works: you fill out a credit card application and the car salesman takes it to his manager. He then enters your information into a computer to run credit reports on you. Once they have received your credit score or credit report, they will fax it to the loan companies that finance the cars. The loan company will review your credit and decide whether they want to purchase your loan. You will have to pay the loan company the amount they gave the car dealer for the car you purchased. You will be denied for a car loan if you have bad credit, no credit or bankruptcy. You will pay the same monthly amount for a used car as you would for rent or buying a home because of your credit score.

The same goes for furniture rental companies. They look at your credit reports and may deny you the opportunity to rent their furniture.

Tote the Note car dealers, on the other hand do not check your credit reports. You will be asked to complete an application. However, they only need information about where you live, what you earn, the nearest relatives’ address, telephone number, and your address. To purchase a used car at a Tote the Note lot, all you need is a job.

Tote the Note accepts vehicles from people who trade in their cars to buy another car, purchase them at auctions or from other individuals. The dealership will usually fix any major issues with your car. However, this is not a warranty. The dealership cannot fix the problem for you and you must pay for any repairs. This is usually called “sold as-is”.