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Gem therapy: The Science of Healing with Gemstones

While jewelry was intended to be worn as an ornament, some experts believe that sparkling gem jewelries can have healing properties. Gem therapy is a branch of science known moldavite spiritual meaning. This therapy involves the use of gemstones to treat various conditions.

People who believe this belief are all of the same opinion that the gems have a life force which can be transformed when it is used correctly and effectively. You can learn Gem Therapy by taking a course in a professional program. There are many courses that teach this science.

A Gem therapist must attend several workshops organized by different learning institutions before becoming a certified gem therapy. This was according to an expert. This science should only be used for treatment. Expert gem therapists are required to perform treatments with gemstones. Only the most experienced therapists are able to use every gemstone. Quacks may claim to be gem therapists, but they can’t be trusted!

Gem therapy, a modern integrated medicine treatment method, is interesting. This science may be used by some doctors in their treatments. Many luxurious hotels now offer Gem therapy, in addition to yoga tourism. This is evident in the many spas offering different types of gem therapy treatments.

Experts in this field believe that gemstones are actually made into different crystals. It is only the inside of the gems that holds all power and energy. The impact of a gemstone is not determined by its type, but also the cut and shape. Gem therapy uses gemstones that are cut into spheres. They are more effective when this is what they look like.

It may seem strange, but gem therapy is a very effective treatment. A person can also be treated with different types of gemstones, just as a medication. These gemstones do not have side effects, which is a feature of allopathic treatments. Ayurveda and Homeopathy are the most common treatments. Each follows a specific treatment plan that includes various medicines, operations and shock treatment. Allopathic treatment, however, is the most popular. Gem therapists say that Allopathic treatment is very dangerous for human bodies. They feel gem therapy could be an alternative.

These therapists also claim that allopathic drugs stay in your body for long periods of time. This is why there are so many chronic diseases. Gem therapy, on the other side, is a non-invasive treatment that uses colors from precious gems to peacefully heal the body.